best cakes and brownies in bilaspur


Dry Chocolate cake

Enjoy the dark chocolate cale , where each particle is a little piece of cocoa perfection.

Choco Truffle

A heavenly combination of rich, creamy layers and a rich truffle covering the best bread to give the best cake

Bento dark truffle

Taste the delicious bento dark cake that combines the powerful rich flavour of dark chocolate.

Whole wheat

A perfect combination of health concious options to create a guilt free treat that pleases the taste buds .

Creta Design Cake

A Creta design cake is a beautiful cake designed for the Hyundai Creta Lovers. You can get this cake in any flavour you want

Rajnigandha Design Cake

A Rajnigandha and cigarette Design cake is very beautiful and a showpiece for the Rajnigandha and cigarette lovers.

Alphabet cake

Celebrate uniqueness with our alphabet cake, where every letter represents something

Pineapple Cake

Enjoy the family favourite Pineapple cake , where each bite explodes with the goodness of pineapple . 

Rasmalai CAke

Taste a perfect combination of Indian flavours with the rasmalai cakeĀ 

Bento cake

A bento cake a month keeps the sadness away

Chivas Regal Design Cake

A Chivas Regal design cake is beautiful cake designed for Chivas Regal lovers. You can have this cake in any flavour you want.

Cake for Makeup Artist

This cake is specially designed to surprise a friend or anyone in family who is a Makeup Artist or a Makeup lover


Come to heavnely treats and experience heavenly delight! Their cakes are amazing work of arts, and those brownies??? Eternal joy in each delicious bite

Dessert lovers will find heaven on earth with its delicious cakes and


they make cake for every occasion and special designs likr PUBG , ALCOHOL etc.
Their brownies are just Beautiful , and cakes are Heaven


Every type of brownies and cake in one place .For those who enjoy Sweets , Heavenly Treats is heaven


best cakes and brownies in bilaspur
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